【E外桃源】A day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

楼主 (文学城)

Two years ago, a group of "Giant Rope Swing" participants panted at the jump station at the top of the hill after a long hike. There was one giant rope that I needed to hold on to and swing after I jumped down from the top of the hill.  The bottom was full of large stones that made me feel timid.  But since I was there, I didn’t want to chicken out.  The moment of preparing to jump down was the most frightening moment.

According to the leader's instructions, I should lean forward and drop my body down naturally. But human instinct made me lean backwards.  After I struggled back and forth several times, finally I summoned up the courage to let out a loud cry and let my body fall. Once I jumped down, I started to enjoy the swing. I felt the breeze whistling in my ears, I was as free as a bird.

But actually I swung less than a minute, then I was slowly let down. Some people jumped twice, but since I was scared, I was the last one to jump, so I didn't have a chance to jump again. I felt very good after I was unbuckled from the swing.  I felt very proud of myself and thought I could conquer more challenges in my life.

After the trapeze, we went to an ATV station, each person was given a scarf to cover one’s nose and mouth.  Then we sped the ATV off to the dining place. We were covered with dust from head to toe.  Before dinner, someone took a powerful blower to blow the dust off our clothes.  Then we began to eat. We finished our exhausting day with a tour bus to pick us up and head back to each of our hotels.


This is me jumping down

ATV is all-terrain vehicle



Here is a joyful, well known Mexican song covered by me.


《Cielito Lindo》美丽的天使