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ARK is one of the investors favorite last year. It's main strategy seems to invest in fast grow and more speculative small cap name, but use large cap names to park cash once a while. Such strategy means the ETFs is more risky than other ETFs. During market uptrend, it can give more returns. But during down turns, it will drop faster too.

Market is in volatile stage right now. Take caution in such ETFs. Usually last year's best performer could be this year's worst performer.

Following is the cash flow of ARK ETFs last week.

6/ Summary of the day's action:$ARKQ -$96.5MM$ARKW -$197.1MM$ARKF -$94.6MM$ARKG -$183.0MM$ARKK +$46.8MM

Total -$524.4MM

Who is propping up $ARKK and why?

— TC (@TESLAcharts) March 6, 2021